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Graphic Design
Motion Graphics Lead

I have worked as a motion designer assisted art director on the design and animation for The Atlantic since January 2021. 
We produced two versions for Facebook and Instagram.

The Atlantic saw a 129% increase in subscriptions in the first two months of the social ads launching, a dramatic rise in subscriptions from key target audiences of Millenials and women, and over 41 million impressions.

Collage Style Ads

Focusing on exploring curiosity, growing intellectually, and taking inspiration from collage icons in design history, we built branded stylistic collage visuals to portray the personal growth that can sprout from The Atlantic’s journalism. We combined photography, historical figures, and geometry in carefully crafted layouts to create scroll-stopping visuals.

We also made the carousels which performing well for the social media platforms.

Journalistic Nuance & Rigor

Since its founding, the Atlantic has added nuance to stories by holding them to a standard of excellence that can’t rival—showing users that rigor and nuance visually are crucial to showing them what the Atlantic does best.

Inspired by The Atlantic’s rigorous reporting and nuanced perspectives, these ads will help readers find the nuance of each story while highlighting the immense effort that goes into quality journalism.

Beneath the Surface

Every Atlantic story is full of nuance, which reveals deeper truths hiding under the surface. We want to entice viewers to dive into The Atlantic’s journalism. Using tightly cropped images and animation ripping through the surface, we’ll highlight the depth of reporting and nuanced writing you’ll find in The Atlantic.

We see different crops of The Atlantic A. Behind each rip are other images related to technology/science/culture. The final shot shows the A as all images underneath it fade to the logo of The Atlantic.

Breaking with Tradition Since 1857

The flipping clock (split-flap display) has a strong visual presence. Unlike the classic spinning clock, it shows a sense of layering and passage of time in a unique way that builds upon itself. Using this visual structure as our backbone, we can factor in imagery, historical events, strong copy, and a solid ending frame that will catapult viewers into the present moment.

We leverage The Atlantic covers to bring the passing of time to live in the context of the flip clock. And we use the transitioning of time to create imagery and words that relate to stories and historical events that change our minds and make us grow. This new approach communicates the magazine’s long history of incredible reporting while speaking its nuanced takes on current affairs.

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