Kinect Typography
Motion Graphics

I worked as a motion designer within the production team of Noggin, an educational app catering to kids aged 2-7.

My role involved collaborating with the Art Director, Copywriter, and fellow designers on seasonal campaigns. I contributed to setting the visual direction, crafting static visuals and promotional videos for social media and paid digital ads. This involved incorporating educational icons, brand characters, colors, and patterns within the established brand guidelines. Additionally, I created deliverables spanning various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Display banners.

The top-performing marketing banners drove quality traffic to the brand’s website and drove 84x more subscription signs up than their lower-performing counterparts. And our holiday assets drove 6x more impressions than the second-served video asset and helped the brand acquire 6x as many subscribers at about 9% lower cost per customer acquisition. 









Archived motion test

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