Jose Cuervo
Tip it forward


Art director: Gage Lozano
Associate Creative Director: Kevin Singer
Project Manager: Cassie Berwick
Copywriter: Natalie Zak
Video Editor: Anthony Gianni
Designer/Animator: Yani Sun

The Ask: To promote the “Tip It Forward” Cuervo Cinco campaign, develop engagement-focusedorganic social assets that build and sustain buzz two weeks before and through the day of Cinco. 

Goal: Increase social mentions and buzz to secure Cuervo’s spot as #1 for Social SOV during Cinco.Guilt people into using their $10 Venmo payouts to tip bartenders instead of pocketing it.

Strategic Focus: Encourage people to celebrate and reward the bartenders who bring us together on Cinco–and every day.

We’ve created an ecosystem of bartender love through two content buckets: 
Karma Content: use social pressure to get people to tip.
Appetite Appeal: celebrate and hero bartenders’ creations: cocktails.

I worked as a Designer and Animator, designed and animated the videos for this campaign, and also created a series of stickers on Giphy, and Instagram (search keyword 'Jose Cuervo', ‘Cuervo Cinco'). The final videos are posted on the Jose Cuervo Ins page.

Design Explorations

We listed the product hierarchy via color and focus on the Visual design for Cristalino, Anejo, and Plata.

Design direction of Cristalino 

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