- Credits -
Art director: Gage Lozano
Associate Creative Director: Kevin Singer
Project Manager: Cassie Berwick
Copywriter: Natalie Zak
Video Editor: Anthony Gianni
Designer/Animator: Yani Sun

The Ask: To promote the “Tip It Forward” Cuervo Cinco campaign, develop engagement-focused 
organic social assets that build and sustain buzz two weeks before and through the day of Cinco. 
Goal: Increase social mentions and buzz to secure Cuervo’s spot as #1 for Social SOV during Cinco.
Guilt people into using their $10 Venmo payouts to tip bartenders instead of pocketing it. 
Strategic Focus: Encourage people to celebrate and reward the bartenders who bring us together 
on Cinco–and every day.
We’ve created an ecosystem of bartender love through two content buckets: 
Karma Content: use social pressure to get people to tip.
Appetite Appeal: celebrate and hero bartenders’ creations: cocktails. 
I worked as a Designer and Animator, designed and animated the videos for this campaign, and also created a 
series of stickers on Giphy, and Instagram (search keyword 'Jose Cuervo', ‘Cuervo Cinco'). The final videos are 
posted on the Jose Cuervo Ins page.
- Videos -
Karma Content

- Videos -
Excellence in tipping
- Stickers -
We also created a series of stickers on Giphy, Instagram (search key word 'Jose Cuervo', ‘Cuervo Cinco')

- Thanks -

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